The programs that I use daily.

You can always recommend a new program.

utility: zip and rar acrchive manager .

IDE: For python projects.

IDE: For php projects, mostly websites

IDE: For Java projects, mostly homework.

WEB: One of the best privacy browsers.

WEB: plugin for chrome that automatically reformat raw json to be more readable.

WEB: plugin for chrome, handy to test your webscripts. You can send custom data to a script and view the response.

Utility: Email client. could use Thunderbird but my email certificates are now set-up on outlook. I am used to it now.

IDE: For android projects

Utility: To design posters.

Utility: Depending on how late it is, the tool will filter more and more blue light to reduce eye strain.

Utility: A password manager, got free premium (pre-2.0)

Utility: To send encrypted text messages, more trustworthy than Whatsapp wich is owned by Facebook

IDE: For android projects


utility: FTP and sftp client.

WEB: One of the best browser, also have firefox but find chrome easier for daily use.